Honestly? I’m naive.
Honestly? I thought Canon would have a much higher understanding of their customers and much more respect.

Where the hell did I get this idea? Let me think about it.

Got my first Canon film camera, 350, years and years ago. Before that I only had cheap stuff, especially after my father stole the Leica away. Or maybe he sold it.
350 was a piece of soft plastic,so small now compared to the 5D Mk II I’m still playing with.
Well, so that’s probably where I found my idea of Canon’s affection first. After years of film, of self made develops and prints, mistakes, money, I landed on the digital ground, 5D and the second child marked as Two.
Sturdy (never failed me, fought desert, cold rain, insane humidity), versatile, fast enough to fulfil mild travel, all studio professional fashion crap and basic harsh light condition adventures.
Limited focus area and not an irresistible sensor when it comes to dark times. Indeed was a really good one the year it went public but always had the feeling it could have been done more for almost 4k Euros piece back then.
Nevertheless I found my ways harvesting the best from it’s CR2 files and, by such, dealing with the saddening monstrosity Digital Photo Professional is.

And here’s where two paths diverge: on one side we have a really great electronic device, wonderful lens and a lifetime of possible work solutions; the other side is a bunch of poorly written software, filled with bugs, unconceivable interface choices, useless updates and now… now nothing. Yes ‘cause as I finally learn today, Canon’s new DPP 4 release it’s not going to support “older” camera models.
And by older I mean 2008.

Ok wait a minute. Know what you’re saying’.
2008 is six years ago.
Time goes on. People move on.
If you’re a pro you’d to update your equipment.

Spare me this consumeristic shit.

These days we are used to upgrade, change, trash devices as the slightly new one enters the scene. ‘Cause it’s new. ‘Cause it’s bright. ‘Cause we show people we’re loaded.
You can find out any possible excuse and try to sell it but I’m not going.

We should, and by we I mean human kind, spend resources in new material when we actually need one, when the old is broken, when the old is done.
When comparison between old and new is a sea of advantages will make our life/job way easier.

My Mk II work perfectly, its files are pristine and by jumping from one software to another I see a world of possibilities.
DPP was and is the old one, really old, to replace.
To replace all… to favour all.

But apparently only good spenders are in the right line to get Canon’s customer care. Wait… not spenders. Professionals. That’s what they are.
‘Cause we all know the more you spend the better photographer you are.
Now all this fuss about a software may sound too much.
Let me put it this way: DPP is the official and adeguate developing tool for Canon RAW files. It should be all users’ first choice. Complex filters, clone stamps, skin softening… let other third party apps take care of all this. Let creativity wander as a new Photoshop is released. But if I trust my potential as a photographer, if I trust my equipment and I trust the image I shot the way it is, I need, I pretend, a software solution able to natively cover ANY imaging solution like, levels, tones, colours, profiles, favorite adjustments, multi files easy handling and quick final export in a standard, not subject to different reading, format. All latest DPP never done properly.
Limited preferences, painfully slow and imprecise interface, terrible cross connection to any other software (Canon’s included) and terribly limited range of tuning options.

I had a test run with some 1DX files and DPP4 it’s now the official application it should have been four years ago, at least.
Faster, easier to use, still some improvement needed yet a new ground compared to 3.X.
It would render our job easier, it would reflect a company’s dedication to all it’s customers who invested considerable resources in their products instead of competitor’s.

DPP4 release notes end with a 3.14 upgrade announce. Peasants will shut mouth then.
While I’m not expecting anything good from any update to a piece of code that has flaws even when it comes to fix the angle (it’s too late) I’m finally moving to Lightroom.
Apple’s market strategy bent to embrace all the world stupid users no one excluded had it’s last victim in Aperture. Ending development and support to another pro software that had so many potentials it’s the final sign from another company that moves on regardless of paying users (Aperture’s App Store deal was a charm).

Lightroom is part of the CC business plan so no big deal. Always found Camera RAW engine too strong and fake to handle CR2 files. I’ll get used to it.
Aperture had it’s own unreal way to read CR2 yet was handy when it came to organise huge archives like mine.
Digital Photo Professional should have been the right choice but you could spend no more than five minutes on it.

After that your nerves would just break down.

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