I left home behind me, as the first batch of miles in what could be anything, a loner run or the very exploration I’m so desperately looking for. Italy left me a one hour traffic jam, as constant reminder of what travelling in my own country means. Closing to the border, clouds float above me and the sky’s no longer a dull pale white mocking the sun. The hungry body now calls for sustenance and my first step is Vipiteno. Small, looks small, town grown by one first street and a river. Flowers are everywhere, almost like people here living and visiting; must be celebration day.
So peaceful yet I perceive a different kind of vibration, unlike those I’m used to. Colors are bright enough not to saturate senses and, as I walk from one side to the surroundings, old couples salute and they are almost all I haver around me.
And the mountains I’ll be crossing within the day.

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