From my point of view the voyage was gathering material for my portfolio in a way closest possible to exploration, adventure, culture and fun. I had a pretty bad mood back in the days and the need to put some distance from my own places. So when the time came I had to pick one destination and while Stockholm clearly became the turning point, the Aros Museum and it’s Rainbow Panorama walk by Ólafur Elíasson was the catalyst to my drive.

Was from a 9GAG the post I got to know about it and, at that time, one of the many inspiration able to make you say “I wanna go there once!”. What made this one in particular right enough to drag my ass out, well I don’t know. Maybe the whole idea to grab a piece of sky and turn it into a constant colourful experience, maybe the fact it was, by any means, damn cool.

And stepping in for the first time, turning and turning around, as your very perception faint, replaced by a growing concept of light, it was like seeing colours from a all new perspective. My camera probably had a sensory on its own, as the white balance trying to catch up the constantly mutating reference. The only way to help her was to step out, or in, the ring and set a fix, in a bright sunny day piercing clouds as sharp as the steel around.

What you have here is the experience, a walk around, a roundabout in a glass palette.
And my sincere hope is to just have you curious enough to find your mood to get out from home, cover distance as you may like, and pay a visit yourself. Have a nice view.

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